Our Backround.
BLCSA started in 2016. we are a small consulting agent but determined unit with a dream as simple as it was challenging: to recruit doctors to work in South Africa’s public hospitals.
Since then the team has grown and our focus has evolved. From recruiting doctors to different hospitals, we now place many of local and international doctors annually matching a diversity of skills and interests to local needs.
We have also transformed our client packages to offer doctors end-to-end global health experiences. From comprehensive orientation programs and professional support to a range of endorsed in-service learning
opportunities, BLCSA’s packages offer you the opportunity to earn a salary while catapulting your career in global health.
Our organization has grown and our target area has expanded beyond South Africa’s borders, but our mission remains the same: to understand where doctors are needed and get them there, while making their experiences as
significant and rewarding as they can be.